Raid Rulez

Rule 1: Stick only to YOUR TIME you signed up for.

Rule 2: Raid out at the out of your time slot to the next person on the list.

Rule 3: Display the raid train logo in your stream! (You can download the logo from the raid page, right click and save as insert it into your broadcast program).

Rule 4: You MAY sign up for more more than one raid time per day IF there are slots available, but do not become to greedy , and no more than two hours in a 8 hour period. NOTE: ALL TIMES ARE IN CST MAKE SURE YOU CONVERT TO YOUR TIME ZONE CORRECTLY!

Rule 5: After you raid PLEASE stay in the raided stream for at least 5 minutes allowing the streamer to identify you and thankyou.

Rule 6: Do not change your stream sign up time! once entered on the sheet it will NOT be changed. be sure before sign up .. thankyou!


If the streamer after you is NOT online and ready at the end of YOUR time you MAY then and only then continue to hold the people in your stream. It is up to you if you continue or end your stream.