About Me

Hey there i’m Cruelfang.

I am 51 years old. I have been playing keyboards since the age of 15. Back then things sure where different. I used amiga 128 machines with a program called tracker and a lot of old PSS Yamaha keyboards to create music. In 2020 I started streaming on Twitch.com, it was all about games and art back then. I think my viewer count during those never climbed higher than 1. I was about to call it quits and delete my account when in 2021 mid August my dear wife suggested that I pulled all my old musical equipment out of storage set it up and give Twitch one last go. To my total and utter surprise my first musical stream had 35 viewers! Since that day I have tried to add new songs weekly, either vocal or instrumental.

5 months ago my dear wife Daniela aka Danny, sang her first live song with me as a duet. She now has many of her own solo’s, But as of yet has no intention of starting her own stream.

A huge thanks goes out to my Sponsors, Partners, Moderators, and of course the Viewers. With out you all we would not be here doing what we enjoy with you all.

Ok lets get down to it, You all want to know how I do it. Well the short of it is.. I cheat a lot!

All the voices are produced by voice changers of different kinds, for this I use two dedicated AMD laptops, But also a very special machine that was supplied to me by a sponsor (Exobyte systems). This one machine has well over 5000 vocal changers that can run independently or can be layered over each other with a click of a mouse button. This tools is worth thousands of dollars and was a one of a kind custom build. Hence how I am able to change vocal voices so fast even during a song.

As for the software it is of course the world famous Ableton Live, BUT also I use Mixcraft 9, fruitloops & MultitrackStudio. (as some of might you know there’s a heck of a lot of Pc’s in the studio).

I am not going to go into detail of how all this works, you either have to understand pc’s and Midi or your just be lost in a world of numbers, and code and about 2 miles of cables.

Now as for the studio .. err its two bedrooms that my wife and myself knocked into one huge room. (making sure to leave room for a bathroom and small kitchen area as we spend far to much time in it).

In this studio we have so much hardware…

Main view and stream desk:

Musical Instruments:
Casio CTK 4400
Korg M1
Yamaha DX7
Nektar Impact LX49
Alesis SR-16
Roland A-49
Novation Launch pad
APC 40 mkII
MioXL Midi Interface (x2)

Maono Stream mixer

4 Maono condenser microphones

Scorpion Headset

Huawei t10 pad (2)

2 AMD Ryzen 5 laptops (one Hp & one Sony) *different jacks and usb*

5 AMD Ryzen 9 Cpu’s (3 handle the midi in – out – through and software – 1 for animations and video coding – 1 for stream output)

And lastly stream decks by Elgato of which there’s 3 in the studio.

Thanks to Epoglass For the custom Glass Desks, nice job guys!

Now as for the main musical midi set up take a look for yourself….

Yup, its old but works so well and yes there is really about 2 miles of cables, wire and way to many jacks and plugs to count. (don’t look to closely at the power strips it’s embarrassing and I’m sure might just one day start a fire).